Enter Quell in True 4D

Be Murderman. Find the keys, get the armor, kill all the bosses. Lay waste to the Slug Drone army. Spread terror among the Ratfox ranks and waste some Double Trunked Elephant Enforcers. Drink the Blood Bag and eat the Health Bar. Help Rooster, your mate, and fulfill the dark prophecy of Necronomicus.

Quell 4D is a high-octane Virtual Reality FPS for the HTC Vive about the delicate art of shooting first and asking questions later.

“If you don’t suck at it, every room basically feels like an action movie. If you suck, it will feel unfair. But it’s not unfair. So try not to suck! Try again, and try harder!”

– Abraham Washington X

About Quell 4D:

Quell 4D is a VR FPS for the HTC Vive. It’s a game about shooting first and asking questions later, in a “retro but awesome” vector art style.

You are Murderman, a war veteran who lost his legs and now rides around on a slime beast named Mucus. With the company of your side kick, Rooster, you have been sent on a top secret mission to The Lagoreatory to investigate an outbreak of mutated gene experiments. Mr. President has given you full authority in this matter. You are to liberate the Lagoreatory, and kill anything that moves.

Good luck, Murderman. Your country depends on you.



  • Finally play the VR FPS you thought of when you fantasized about VR back in 1996.
  • Be Murderman, a stone cold killer.
  • Explore ‘The Lagoreatory’ with Rooster, your scientist side kick on orders by Mr. President.
  • Waste creeps ranging from Ratfox Marines and Ninja Snipers, to Slug Drones, Beefcakes and Ancient Triple Trunked Elephant Necro Shamans. It gets pretty wild in there.
  • A locomotion mechanic consisting of an omni-directional Slime Mount named ‘Mucus’, being led around by a carrot and a stick. One of your controllers is completely in charge of locomotion which we’ve found to be more comfortable than touch pad locomotion. Simply point your left* controller in the direction you want to go and hold the trigger to move.
  • Your other hand is reserved only for fragging… And also clicking things in menus.
  • Uncasual and unforgiving. The game is actually hard, and you will have to focus and manage your resources.
  • Unique art style for this type of game, and probably the most gruesome VR game to date.
  • Single player campaign of 10 handcrafted non-procedurally generated maps.
  • Six guns, tailored for different situations. Remember to switch weapons often, like in the old days.
  • Three intricate bosses with unique mechanics. Expect some really intense firefights in proper bullet hell fashion. Bullet Snake™ your way to victory.
  • Development will continue after release as we work to produce extra free content and decide where to take the game next.
  • A 7gb game that takes 20 seconds to download? What is this black magic?!

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October 14th 2016

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